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Science: It’s a Girl Thing – I… Just… What?

Words fail me. Well, not quite. There are some words left, like “appalling,” “horrendously ill-judged,” “insulting,” “misogynistic,” and so on. You see, there’s this campaign by the European Commission to get more women involved in science and, it must be acknowledged, some of its output aligns with this laudable aim. However, the ‘teaser’ video they produced – to which I cannot bring myself to link – does anything but.

     As I Tweeted earlier today, now I’m worried I’ll have to give my PhD back as it’s titled “Black Hole Entropy from Causal Sets” and not “Cupcake Entropy from Rainbows”.

     More worthy commentators than I have, er, commented, and so here are a few links, many of which do include the video. (I am not responsible for feelings of nausea and anger arising from the viewing of said video.)

     Olga Khazan in the “Washington Post” blog: E.U.’s ‘Science, it’s a girl thing’ campaign sparks a backlash

     Carin Bondar in “Scientific American”: Science – It’s a Girl Thing (Insert Facepalm Here)

     Frank Swain in “SciencePunk” on “ScienceBlogs”: Science: It’s a girl thing. Excuse me while I die inside.

     PZ Myers in “Pharnygula” on “ScienceBlogs”: Science: It’s a Girl Thing!

     BakingBiologist’s blog (which, in addition, shows an early draft of the associated Facebook page, using language more closely reflecting the video): Science: It’s a girl thing (or “How to patronise women and alienate your audience”)

     Update 1, 23rd June, 2012: Well, I’ll be: they swapped out the video.

     Update 2, 23rd June, 2012: Some more things worth reading.
          Sophia Collins on her blog: Some facts on getting girls into science
          Sylvia McLain on “Girl, Interrupting”: Science it’s a *&%$ thing.

          The European Commission created a Twitter list of real women in science (which I’m on, apparently. No, it’s too much. Really. I’d like to thank my mother for being such a role model to me, and…).

Tell the world.

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  1. PepGiraffe June 22, 2012

    I, too am horrified. I looked at the video and couldn’t look away. As an aside, I first read “Causal Sets” as “Casual Sex”.


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