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Rally to Restore Sanity and Dinosaurs

Somewhere in the midst of reading about the Rally to Restore Sanity, wishing I could be in DC sometimes, and thinking that if I were straight I should marry either Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, I came across this post by Chris Greenland, about a book called Machine of Death. Back in 2005 Ryan North wrote a Dinosaur Comics strip which mentioned a series of stories about a machine which predicted, albeit in a cryptic manner, how its user would die. You can read the full story in Chris’s post, but the upshot is that the book was published by a small company and a ‘grass roots’ effort from the people involved and their supporters pushed it to the number one spot on Amazon, a few days ago.  This gives me pause for thought, in relation to my day job.

What’s also interesting (and here’s the tenuous link to the Rally to Restore Sanity) is that the book kept Glenn Beck off the number one slot.  As you can imagine, he was his usual sanguine self about this, and not at all convinced it was an indication of a downwards spiral into a left-wing ‘deathist’ dystopia.

Anyway, (a) I haven’t read the book yet because I’m waiting for the Kindle edition and (b) this isn’t a political blog, for the most part.  So, I shan’t write any more.  Instead, you can read Chris’s review, or just visit the book’s website, or even buy the book.  (For balance, I should remind you that you can search for ‘Glenn Beck’ using your very favourite search engine.)

And, to take things back to the rally, check out Dave Zornow’s post about coverage of the event, over at Media News and Views: Spoiler Alert: Fox News Isn’t “Fair and Balanced”.

Meanwhile, if you have twelve minutes and six seconds to kill, here’s Jon’s speech from the rally.

Tell the world.

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