iPhone TARDIS Lock and Home Screens (iOS5 or 6, iPhone 4 or 4s)

iPhone TARDIS Lock and Home Screens (iOS5 or 6, iPhone 4 or 4s)

If you're looking for a version of this lockscreen for iOS7 or later, on any iPhone, then head here.

These screens are for the iPhone 4 or 4s, pre-iOS7. There's also a pre-iOS7 iPhone 5 version available, which fits its larger screen: click here.

A TARDIS lockscreen for your iPhone: now iOS5 compatible and less Thal-friendly!

I updated the TARDIS lockscreen I previously posted, so that it was integrated with the camera icon which has been added in iOS5. My original intention was just to redo the shading to accommodate the shortened slide-bar, but there was something about that camera lens, staring out at me, unblinking, uncaring...

So, here it is. If you're still on iOS4 then head to the original post. Otherwise, grab this version: just right-click and 'save as', then transfer to your iPhone using email (or do whatever your inner nerd tells you is necessary). Once again, the colours look odd, but that's to compensate for the lockscreen overlay, and the 'Police Box' text is missing because the time and date go there.

There's also a home screen, which is darker, so that it doesn't interfere with your icons.

Lock screen (iOS5 or 6, iPhone 4 or 4s)

Home screen (iOS5 or 6, iPhone 4 or 4s)