iPhone TARDIS Lock and Home Screens (iOS7)

iPhone TARDIS Lock and Home Screens (iOS7)

The one-and-only, accept-no-substitutes TARDIS lockscreen for your iPhone: now for iOS7. It may have lost a Dalek, but it gained a TARDIS key.

An important note about using these screens: they won't align correctly if you have the exceptionally annoying "parallax" thingy going on. To turn it off, go to Settings>General>Accessibility and set "Reduce Motion" to "On". I might look into creating a parallax-friendly version but (a) I don't have an iPhone 5 on which to test it and (b) I hate it anyway; so don't hold your breath, even if you have two hearts.

Just right-click and 'save as' on the appropriate images, then transfer to your iPhone using email (or do whatever your inner nerd tells you is necessary). Make sure you download the correctly-sized images for your model of iPhone.

(For earlier versions of iOS5 or 6 go here (iPhones 4 and 4s) or here (iPhone 5). For iOS4 and earlier go here.

Lock screen (iOS7, iPhone 5)

Home screen (iOS7, iPhone 5)

Lock screen (iOS7, iPhone 4 or 4s)

Home screen (iOS7, iPhone 4 or 4s)